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Dear all my beloved readers,

I'm currently doing research in the health industry and have uncovered important information that needs to be fully disclosed to you and everyone you know. Please click here to read my first article published about the cover-up of hidden MSG and its potentially harmful health effects.

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      The controversial doc Vaxxed: From Cover-Up to Catastrophe, about the CDC's cover-up of data in a 2004 study that links MMR (Measles-Mumps-Rubella) vaccines to autism, will open your eyes to the corruption of a government agency whose job is to protect public welfare. Dr. Andrew Wakefield, the film's director, combines fair and balanced interviews with sources ranging from parents of autistic children who were harmed by MMR vaccines to politicians, doctors and a former pharmaceutical rep along with archival footage of congressional audio recordings of Dr. William Thompson, CDC whistleblower who called Dr. Brian Hooker, a biologist, to confess that the CDC had covered-up and even manipulated crucial data in the 2004 study. Vaxxed does bring up the fact that Dr. Wakefield was accused of fraud in his 1998 report on MMR vaccines and autism, but he was falsely accused. Unless you're made out of stone, you'll find yourself deeply moved by the interviews with the parents of children who have been injured by MMR vaccines and show clear signs of autism. The facts presented will enrage you because they show how the CDC knew that MMR vaccines are linked to autism, but did everything in their power to supress that link. You'll learn that, according to the National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act of 1986, pharmaceutical companies cannot be held liable for causing harm to consumers injured by MMR vaccines (in other words: you can't sue them), and that when it comes to scientific testing, MMR vaccines aren't tested as rigorously and thoroughly as pharmaceutical drugs. There are no long-term studies that have tested MMR vaccines nor are there any studies that test unvaccinated children against vaccinated children. For all of you naysayers who might be in disbelief that the CDC would not conduct such tests (doubt is a healthy reaction, after all), please click here to watch a clip of Dr. Coleen Boyle, the Director of the National Center on Birth Defects and Developmental Disabilities at the CDC, admitting at a congressional hearing that no vaccinated vs unvaccinated studies to test the MMR vaccine safety have been conducted yet. Vaxxed shows you in an easy-to-understand way precisely how the CDC covered-up and manipulated the data from the 2004 study, and what makes that data so crucial for the sake of public welfare to begin with. Even more enraging are the revolving doors between government and Big Pharma: Dr. Julie Louise Gerberding, the former director of the CDC during that study, now works for the pharmaceutical company Merck as President of Merck Vaccines. Merck just so happens to have an exclusive license to manufacture MMR vaccines. Make of that what you will. Not surprisingly, Dr. Gerberding declined to be interviewed. Her silence speaks louder than words, though. Big Pharma seems like a pimp while government agencies such as the CDC and even the mainstream media are essentially Big Pharma's unctuous prostitutes. Learning about the CDC's conscious decision to undermine public welfare reminds me of what Hannah Arendt wrote about the banality of evil. Many members of the CDC are merely following orders and don't even consider the option of subversively criticizing the "party line" like Dr. Thompson dared to do so bravely. How is the CDC's cover-up not a crime against humanity? If there were any justice in this world, they would be tried in the Hague. If there were indeed a Nuremberg-like trial for the CDC, it's doubtful that the excuse "I was just following orders" would be accepted. Better yet, there should be mandatory mental health assessments for all government agencies as well as politicans. Just imagine if Donald Trump were to undergo a mental health assessment! I wouldn't be surprised at all if Narcissistic Personality Disorder were a common mental illness found in our government. Regardless of where you stand on the issue of vaccines, Vaxxed will ultimately change the way you look at vaccines and the CDC as long as you're a critical thinker who's open to new information and not a "Good German." To be fair, though, the doc doesn't highlight the difference between two kinds of vaccines: vaccines that contain adjuvants and thimerosal, a preservative that contains mercury, and live, attenuated vaccines that don't have any adjuvants and preservatives. How easily can vaccines without adjuvants and preservatives be found? Are they safer than vaccines with adjuvants and preservatives? That's a minor, forgivable issue that can be solved once you do more research and ask questions after watching the film. Prepare to be concurrently enlightened, alarmed, and enraged. Instead of seeing vapid junk like Batman v. Superman (which is part of America's "bread and circuses"), see this important exposť and then decide for yourself whether or not it's worth the risk for you and your children to be injected with an MMR vaccine. If you disagree or doubt what's said in the documentary, that's alright because doubt is a healthy part of critical thinking. However, you have no right to pressure/threaton anyone to into censoring the film as long as the safety of vaccines are in question. All of the individuals in our government and Big Pharma-related agencies who have used threats to censor Vaxxed have merely brought America closer to Nazi Germany than it already is. I wouldn't be surprised if those very same individuals would have voted for Hitler and been welcomed into his Nazi party. No, that is not hyperbole, and I will not be retracting that statement even if you were to pay me $100 trillion. Oh, and a message to the cowardly members of the Immunization Action Coalition who used pressure and threats to censor Vaxxed: you will never even come close to possessing the talents of Joseph Goebbels when it comes to suppressing the truth from the public. Questions that every tax-paying American citizen should consider to ask the CDC are: 1) Why do they think that the case of MMR vaccine safety is closed without an independent study involving vaccinated vs non-vaccinated children? 2) If that study were to conclude that MMR vaccines were indeed harmful, would the CDC admit it? 3) How would that admission affect the CDC's profits as well as Big Pharma's profits? Would the CDC sacrifice significant profits for the sake of public welfare? As a taxing paying citizen, I encourage you to call the CDC and ask them those questions directly. Hopefully, they're not too busy singing the song "Edelweiss" with members of Big Pharma or the IAC. Just so you know, hydrologized gelatin, an ingredient found in adjuvanted vaccines, contains processed free glutamic acid, a.k.a. MSG, a neurotoxin. Please click here to read about the cover-up of hidden MSG and its potentially harmful health effects. Cinema Libre Studio opens Vaxxed at the Angelika Film Center.


Directed by Xavier Giannoli

      In 1920s Paris, Marguerite Dumont (Catherine Frot) lives with her husband, Georges (Andre Marcon). She's passionate about singing opera, but there's one major problem: she sings off-key without even being aware of it. No one tells her that she's terrible at opera singing, and her kind-hearted butler, Madelbos (Denis Mpungas), goes to the extent of cutting out negative reviews of her singing after concerts so that she only reads the positive reviews. George isn't quite supportive of Marguerite, though. He cheats on her with a younger woman, Hazel (Christa Theret), and tampers with his car before he's about to take her to a concert so that the car would break down and she'd have to be late to the concert. Michel Fau (Atos Pezzini), an opera star, reluctantly agrees to become Marguerite's voice coach and ignore her bad singing for the sake of getting paid well.

      How Marguerite manages to be in denial of her lack of talent, and how others enable that denial makes Marguerite an compelling character study. Hearing her sing off-key will make you laugh at first, but eventually there's a sadness and poignancy to it all that would make it mean-spirited to laugh. Marguerite seems to be like a child who believe in Santa Claus while everyone around her tries to do their best to maintain that fantasy for her because it makes her happy. Writer/director Xavier Giannoli and co-writer Marcia Romano do a great job of providing audiences with a window into the mind of Marguerite so that you'll find yourself caring about her and feeling sorry for her. The screenplay is filled with warmth, charm and wit with a nice balance between lightheartedness/frothiness and darker, somewhat tragic elements without going overboard in either direction. Everything on aesthetic level, from the production design to the lighting and custom design, looks exquisite and helps to enrich as well as to provide authenticity to the film.

      Most triumphantly, though, there's the charismatic, genuinely heartfelt performance by Catherine Frot who's at her best here. She tackles the depth, nuance and complexity of the role with aplomb, so even when the film begins the drag a bit toward the end, you're still transfixed by her performance. Hopefully Meryl Streep will knock it out of the ballpark with her portrayal in the American remake by Stephen Frears later this year.

Number of times I checked my watch: 1
Released by Gravitas Ventures.
Now playing at The Paris Theatre.

      Have you ever wondered what was wrong with George W. Bush when he was our president? Or why so many U.S. soldiers---roughly 8,000 in 2013--commit suicide each year? You're going to find out the answers to those questions and many more when you watch WarX2. Unlike any documentary you've seen before, the groundbreaking doc WarX2 sheds light on evil ghosts and spirits--known as jinn---that possess many people ranging from politicians to the public all around the world. Anyone can be possessed by a jinni. Director Bernie Olaf includes a wide range of interviews that makes the film quite thorough and well-researched: witch doctors, soldiers, victims of possessions and those who witnessed the possessions all provide their own perspectives. You'll not only learn about how and why jinn possess a human being, but also about how exactly to prevent the possession and to get rid of it. Avoiding sad thoughts, being honest and not killing your fellow man are a few of the ways to avoid letting a jinn possess you. While WarX2 does provide you with a lot of information, many of it probably new, bold and shocking, it also repeats key information, i.e. about how important it is to believe in God and to use Him to help ward off jinn. In turn, anyone can be able to follow and comprehend the doc's content without getting confused. Whether you believe in evil spirits or not doesn't matter; what matters is that you're not myopic and that you grasp that there are many sides to a coin other than its front and back: there are the sides, the ridges, the sides of the ridges, etc. WarX2 bravely shows you the sides of the coin that are rarely explored and that deserve to be discussed, debated and analyzed further. It may not give naysayers hard, conclusive evidence per se, but it's at least an eye-opening, provocative stepping stone for debate and critical thinking---and it might even save your life! This is the kind of documentary that you'll be talking about for weeks. The Strasson Group releases WarX2 in select theaters via Tugg on April 5th, 2016.


Directed by Lenny Abrahamson

      Ma (Brie Larson) has been held in captivity inside a 10 foot by 10 foot shed with her 5-year-old son, Jack (Jacob Tremblay). Her captor, Old Nick (Sean Bridgers) enters the shed every now and then to have sex with Ma. The more that Ma tells Jack about the outside world, the more she's tempted to finally escape the shed, so she and Jack hatch a plan together.

      Room begins in the second act when Ma has already leaves a number of years in the shed since Old Nick had kidnapped her at the age of 17. There's very little sense of the outside world at first except for a small skylight window above them. By throwing you right into the 2nd act, director Lenny Abrahamson and screenwriter Emma Donoghue provide you with a captivating hook so that you know precisely what the film is about and who the main characters are without having your time wasted. You gradually learn why they're there as the film progresses. The scenes inside the shed capture the claustrophobia and horrors of what it's like for Ma and Jack to be trapped in there---it's as much of a mental trap as it is a physical one.

      The second half of the film feels quite poignant and tender as it shows the aftermath of Ma and Jack's escape and reunion with her mother (Joan Allen) and father (William H. Macy) as she struggles to adjust to her new freedom. Many scenes will tug at your heartstrings and cause you to shed some tears, but, fortunately, Room is the kind of tearjerker that genuinely earns its tears. In one particularly well-shot scene, Ma cries upon seeing Jack, but Abrahamson and Donoghue choose to mute out the mother's cries and screams thereby trusting your imagination as an audience member. Had the sounds been shown, it would have been overwhelming; instead it's quietly powerful.

      The heart and soul of Room lies in its heartfelt performances by Brie Larson and Jacob Tremblay, both of whom are Oscar-worthy. They actually seem like mother and son throughout the film, and the emotions that they convey through their performances are quite palpable. Not since Dakota Fanning in I Am Sam has there been a child actor with as much potential and talent as Jacob Tremblay. Hopefully, he'll get more opportunities to showcase his talents in the future after this breakthrough role.

      Room is also the kind of film that can be seen as an allegory similar to the one about the people chained to a cave wall who venture outside once they become unchained and head toward the sun (enlightenment) in The Republic by Plato. The enlightenment that Ma and, especially, Jack experience upon their liberation can represent any kind of enlightenment that one might experience throughout life. Given that we live in the Age of Stupid or the Age of Technology, perhaps we're all still trapped inside that shed or chained to the cave wall so-to-speak, and we have yet to experience true enlightenment. Ultimately, with its solid writing, directing, editing and acting, Room is one of the best films of the year. Don't be surprised if you'll find it on many Top 10 lists.

Number of times I checked my watch: 0
Released by A24 Films.
Now playing at Cinema Village.
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