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3-Iron (R)

Current Release Date: April 29th (NYC-Lincoln Plaza Cinemas and Landmark Sunshine), by Sony Pictures Classics.
The Cast: Jae Hee,Lee Seung-yeon,Gweon Hyeok-ho
In Korean with subtitles.

BASIC PREMISE: A young, golf-loving burglar--who doesn't steal, just rearranges-- enters a married woman's house only to fall in love with the woman behind her husband's back, literally. Somehow, golf enters the picture as well. This is no Caddyshack.

ENTERTAINMENT VALUE: The cinematography is exceptionally good throughout this film. Every scene is shot at an interesting angle, with good use of close-ups. The film itself looks like a work of art, with many beautiful-looking scenes. The music also adds to the beauty. However, the most entertaining element of this film is its off-beat and original plot which is full of unexpected surprises and inventiveness--especially the unusual way golf balls are used here. There is great scene when the burglar is in jail and tricks his guards that he's not in his cell. There is some dark, off-beat humor, especially during the last half, which adds to the pleasure of watching this beautiful film.

SPIRITUAL VALUE: There aren't any messages that stand out in this film, yet there is plenty for one to think about. The weird love triangle between the burglar, the woman, and her husband is interesting along with the fact that the husband beats his wife, which makes the burglar look like the woman's savior. The last scene alone is a good way to conclude the film and resonates in one's mind long after the end.



THE BOTTOM LINE: A surprisingly entertaining, beautifully-shot film with a highly inventive and original plot. After watching this film, you will not look at a golf ball the same again.

RECOMMENDED WAY TO WATCH: Movie Theater (1st Run)

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