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Reviews for April 5th, 2016

Documentary Round-Up

      Have you ever wondered what was wrong with George W. Bush when he was our president? Or why so many U.S. soldiers---roughly 8,000 in 2013--commit suicide each year? You're going to find out the answers to those questions and many more when you watch WarX2. Unlike any documentary you've seen before, the groundbreaking doc WarX2 sheds light on evil ghosts and spirits--known as jinn---that possess many people ranging from politicians to the public all around the world. Anyone can be possessed by a jinni. Director Bernie Olaf includes a wide range of interviews that makes the film quite thorough and well-researched: witch doctors, soldiers, victims of possessions and those who witnessed the possessions all provide their own perspectives. You'll not only learn about how and why jinn possess a human being, but also about how exactly to prevent the possession and to get rid of it. Avoiding sad thoughts, being honest and not killing your fellow man are a few of the ways to avoid letting a jinn possess you. While WarX2 does provide you with a lot of information, many of it probably new, bold and shocking, it also repeats key information, i.e. about how important it is to believe in God and to use Him to help ward off jinn. In turn, anyone can be able to follow and comprehend the doc's content without getting confused. Whether you believe in evil spirits or not doesn't matter; what matters is that you're not myopic and that you grasp that there are many sides to a coin other than its front and back: there are the sides, the ridges, the sides of the ridges, etc. WarX2 bravely shows you the sides of the coin that are rarely explored and that deserve to be discussed, debated and analyzed further. It may not give naysayers hard, conclusive evidence per se, but it's at least an eye-opening, provocative stepping stone for debate and critical thinking---and it might even save your life! This is the kind of documentary that you'll be talking about for weeks. The Strasson Group releases WarX2 in select theaters via Tugg.

Wedding Doll

Directed by Nitzan Giladi


Number of times I checked my watch: 2
Released by Strand Releasing.
Opens in select theaters.