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Reviews for August 5th, 2015

Shaun the Sheep Movie

Directed by Mark Burton and Richard Starzak

      Shaun the sheep wants to have a day off from from his usual tasks at the Mossy Bottom Farm, so he hatches a plan to lock the farmer in his caravan. One thing leads to another, and the caravan rolls all the way to the Big City. Shaun and his flock, including Bitzer the sheepdog, Shirley the ewe, and Timmy the lamb, must travel all the way to the Big City to rescue the farmer. However, the farmer suffers head trauma after a crash that leaves him with memory loss. He becomes a famous barber while forgetting that he's actually a farmer. The animals must avoid getting captured by Trumper, an animal warden desperate to capture stray animals to send to an animal shelter.

      Co-writers/directors Mark Burton and Richard Starzak find just the right balance between entertaining kids and adults. Even sans dialogue, Shaun the Sheep Movie boasts a very witty sense of humor along with plenty of charm and often hilarious screwball comedy. The slapstick will surely make little kids laugh. Every scene will surprise and amuse you in one way or another. One particularly funny scene for both kids and adults takes place at a restaurant that Shaun and his flock eat at while disguised as humans---what happens precisely there won't be spoiled here. There are a few cultural references here and there, but, fortunately, Burton and Starzak don't rely on them too often.

    What makes Shaun the Sheep Movie rise above your average animated film, though, is that it has just enough heartfelt moments and lessons to learn along the way without make it feel uneven or dull. Moreover, the stop-motion claymation feels more warm and charming than CGI. Sure, much of the film is zany and fast-paced with lots of visual gags, but it never feels exhausting. Concurrently, it doesn't baby its audience, bore adults nor does it overstay its welcome just like Minions does. At an ideal running time of 1 hour and 24 minutes, Shaun the Sheep Movie is funny, witty and delightful. Kids will love it!

Number of times I checked my watch: 1
Released by Lionsgate Films.
Opens nationwide.
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