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Autumn (unrated)

Release Date: June 9th, 2006 (Quad Cinemas) by Truly Indie.
The Cast: Laurent Lucas, Irène Jacob, Benjamin Rolland, Dinara Droukarova, Michel Aumont, Samuel Dupuy, Denis Ménochet, Jean-Claude Dreyfus.
Directed by Ra’up McGee.
In French with subtitles.

BASIC PREMISE: When Jean-Pierre (Lucas) meets his childhood friend Michelle (Jacob), they both re-enter the world of crime.

ENTERTAINMENT VALUE: This stylish French thriller has a complicated plot which gets a bit confusing at times, but still manages to be suspenseful. Laurent Lucas, who starred in With a Friend Like Harry…, gives a superb performances as Jean-Pierre, who tries to protect Michelle from being harmed by criminals. These criminals want a mysterious suitcase she stole which has something precious inside of it. As the film progresses, the plot gets much more complicated with flashbacks that provide somewhat of an explanation regarding a crucial during Jean-Pierre and Michelle’s childhood. Writer/director Ra’up McGee occasionally moves the film forward at a slow pace, which allows for atmosphere and tension to gradually build up. Admittedly, it would have been refreshing to add some comic relief among all of the dark, serious scenes. On a positive note, it’s worth mentioning that much of Autumn is filled with exquisite cinematography that adds plenty of style. Despite that none of the characters are particularly likable or memorable, the second and third acts have enough twists and surprises to keep you at the edge of your seat—as long as you pay close attention to the intricate plot.

SPIRITUAL VALUE: None is required or desired.

INSULT TO YOUR INTELLIGENCE: Slightly confusing plot.


IN A NUTSHELL: A well-acted, stylish, and suspenseful thriller!

RECOMMENDED WAY TO WATCH: Movie Theater (1st Run)

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