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Awesome: I F*ckin' Shot That! (Unrated)

Release Date: March 31st, 2006 by THINKfilm.
Directed by Nathaniel Hornblower.

BASIC PREMISE: A documentary about a Beastie Boys concert held at Madison Square Garden on October 9th, 2004.

ENTERTAINMENT VALUE: Watching Awesome feels much like attending a Beastie Boys concert during an acid trip. To film the concert footage, the Beastie Boys gave 50 digital cameras to loyal fans during the show and four editors pieced the shots together. Just as expected, the cinematography looks far from "awesome": it's very amateur, as if it could be filmed by anyone. The only surprise is that some of the shots are edited with CGI effects to make you feel like you’re on drugs. Director Nathaniel Hornblower, a.k.a. MCA of the Beastie Boys, doesn’t let the viewer rest for even one second as the loud music booms continuously. Forget about trying to decipher any of the lyrics unless you’ve memorized it beforehand. Some scenes feel pointless such as one in a bathroom and another showing hot dogs revolving on a stand—again, the camera shakes too much at odd angles. Unless you’re a well-seasoned Beastie Boys fan who has experienced their concerts before, Awesome will make your head spin and make you very nauseous. Like the 30-minute experimental film The Flicker from 1965, which also used a stroboscopic light effect (but for the entire film!), Awesome should come with the same following helpful warning: “May cause seizures unless accompanied by a physician.” Both films can’t be escaped simply by closing your eyes or by using earplugs. The only way to escape this hypnotic, 90-minute film is by heading right for the door. SPIRITUAL VALUE: None is desired or required.

INSULT TO YOUR INTELLIGENCE: Too much editing and amateur cinematography.


IN A NUTSHELL: Hypnotic! A dizzying mind-f*ck!

RECOMMENDED WAY TO WATCH: Big fans of The Beastie Boys- VHS/DVD
Everyone else- Never

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