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Blackmail Boy (Unrated)

Release Date: November 18th, 2005 (NYC-Quad Cinema) by Picture This! Entertainment.
The Cast: Alexandros Antonopoulos, Yannis Tsimitselis, Joys Evidi, Alexis Georgoulis, Akilas Karazisis, Maria Kavoyianni, Ketty Konstadinou, Nina Menti.
Directed by Thanasis Papathanasiou and Michalis Reppas.

BASIC PREMISE: Blackmail and chaos ensues when twenty year-old Christos (Tsimitselis) and Yiorgios (Karazisis), over twice his age, have a secret love affair.

ENTERTAINMENT VALUE: Although the complicated plot does have a few twists, it’s difficult to be fully engaged by the story because the characters are so unlikable and undeveloped. Yorgios, a married man, has a secret love affair with Christos who is young enough to be his son. Magda (Menti), Christos’ mother, also cheats with a neighbor right in front of her wheelchair-bound husband. Each scene goes by so quickly that it makes it feel rushed and even confusing. The plot only starts getting somewhere interesting three-quarters of the way when Yiorgos receives a tape of him and the main character having sex. Not surprisingly, the blackmail involves the payment of a lot of money. This scene should have come earlier in the plot to add more tension, but, as it is, it just seems too contrived. Unlike in Caché , the character who videotapes them immediately calls the older man, so any chance for mystery or suspense completely vanishes. The dialogue feels occasionally stilted while other times it plays out like soap opera—especially with mediocre performances. Unfortunately, without enough character development or an engaging, coherent storyline, you don’t really care who ends up with the blackmail money when they start fighting for it in the third-act.

SPIRITUAL VALUE: There’s not much to think other than how chaotic life can be when you go through a risky love—or sex—affair. It’s somewhat depressing that each character comes across as selfish. However, the fact remains that there are some greedy, selfish people our there who take advantage of others when they least expect it.

INSULT TO YOUR INTELLIGENCE: Minimal character development, clichéd and confusing plot.


THE BOTTOM LINE: A confusing plot with mediocre acting, unlikable characters, and a weak script makes for a somewhat boring and uneven film.


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