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Bomb the System (R)

Release Date: May 27th (NYC-Cinema Village) by Palm Pictures
The Cast:Mark Webber,Jaclyn DeSantis,Gano Grills,Jade Yorker

BASIC PREMISE: A young artistic man (Webber), fresh out of high school, joins a graffiti gang.

ENTERTAINMENT VALUE: Mark Webber is a very fine young actor and he plays the lead role very well--with a lot of energy and guts. He carries the film very well from start to finish--he is always believable and surprisingly even likeable. The other young actors are all mediocre. What makes this movie truly entertaining is the mixture of the fast pace, music, and cinematography which gives the movie a rhythm of its own. The graffiti is actually painted by real graffiti artists and looks very well-done. Even though the plot is not too original, it still has a few unexpected twists and it is consistently engaging.

SPIRITUAL VALUE: The issues that this movie raises are very important and thought-provoking. One issue is about taking your life seriously while realizing your own unique talents. This endeavor can be very easy for some people but extremely difficult for others, just like the young man in this film. Another issue this film raises is the true meaning of art. Graffiti is a form of _expression just like any other art, yet it is not universally or even legally accepted as a form of art. There is a lot of violence and drug-use, but it is all part of the harsh, occasionally depressing realities of these gangsters' lives.



THE BOTTOM LINE: A raw and gritty film with a strong performance by Mark Webber. With all the loud music, fast pace, and violence it eventually develops rhythm of its own and still manages to raise important social issues.

RECOMMENDED WAY TO WATCH: Movie Theater (1st Run)

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