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Chaos (Unrated)

Release Date: August 10th, 2005 (NYC-Two Boots Pioneer Theater)
The Cast: Kevin Gage,Stephen Wozniak,Kelly Quann,Sage Stallone, Chantal Degroat, Maya Barovich
Directed by David DeFalco.

BASIC PREMISE: Two 18 year-old girls venture out into the woods to score some ecstasy when they run into perverted, sadistic killers.

ENTERTAINMENT VALUE: After The Devil's Rejects and High Tension, one would think that the horror genre of gruesome-killers-on-the-loose would take a long break. How much shock value can one handle? Apparently, shock is all that is on DeFalco's mind because there is really no point to all the graphic, sadistic torture that the two girls are forced to endure. The plot is so outrageously contrived that it is hard to believe anything is real--the title probably refers to the nature of its plot. For example, between the scenes when the girls are trying to get ecstasy, there is a cut to one of their interracial parents who claim that they would never do anything harmful and stupid like taking drugs. Of course, one of the girls "accidentally" leaves her cell-phone inside her car. The killers are just as screwed up and twisted as those in The Manson Family. Their only motive is that they want to have sex and to kill. If only the two girls had a shred of intelligence, they might have believable. To follow a creepy guy into the woods just for exctasy would require them to already be on ecstasy! After the rest of the creepy killers are introduced, the film just becomes a pointless mess of sadism without ever being scary or suspenseful. Not only are the parents and children stupid, but the cops are also too dumb and too racist to know what's really going on. What happens in last scene is certainly unpredictable, but it justifies just how little DeFalco really cares about his characters. He clearly wants to shock and only succeeds by making a shockingly bad film.

SPIRITUAL VALUE: The only message to take from this film is that you shouldn't be stupid enough to walk in the woods with a creepy stranger who promises to give you drugs at his friend's house that is 20 minutes away.

INSULT TO YOUR INTELLIGENCE: Everyone is either too stupid, too racist, or both. The last scene is just a total, pointless mess of one stupidity after another.


THE BOTTOM LINE: A gruesome, shocking film with a pointless plot, stupid and one-dimensional characters without any real scares.

RECOMMENDED WAY TO WATCH: True horror fans: VHS/DVD Everyone else: Never

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