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The Comedians of Comedy (R)

Release Date: November 11th, 2005 (NYC-Cinema Village) by Vitagraph Films.
The Comedians: Maria Bamford, Zach Galifianakis, Patton Oswalt, Brian Posehn.
Directed by Michael Blieden.

BASIC PREMISE: A documentary that follows four comedians who tour indie-rock venues throughout the states.

ENTERTAINMENT VALUE: What makes this documentary stand-out is that it’s not a series of stand-up routines from four comedians. Instead, you actually meet each comedian off-stage and get to know them personally. It’s difficult to pick which comedian is the funniest because they each have their own unique comedic style. Unlike in The Aristocrats , not all of their jokes are particularly offensive or disgusting, but most of them are. Patton Oswalt, who slightly resembles a slimmer, younger and beardless Michael Moore—uses George W. Bush as an easy target for a few of his sick jokes. Of course, most of the jokes are sexual in nature with plenty of f-words—especially during Brian Posehn’s routine. Zach Galifianakis has a lot of physical comedic energy. In one hilarious scene when he discusses physical comedy, he purposefully falls off a chair a few times. All of a sudden, Zach and Patton randomly show up in the background, half-naked with sheets covering their private parts. Relatively speaking, Maria Bamford uses the cleanest jokes to generate laughter—but not without touching racism. It’s great to watch these four comedians bond by laughing together and sharing their experiences.

SPIRITUAL VALUE: Each comedian discusses their work openly and honestly—or, at least, so it seems. Brian Posehn admits that he feels as if he’s “running out of shit to talk about”. Maria Bamford claims that she has both a dirty side and a clean side, but she prefers to remain clean, in the figurative sense, of course. By the end of The Comedians of Comedy , even if these comedians don’t make you laugh-out-loud, you will end up caring about them as human beings, not just as purely gross-out comedians.



THE BOTTOM LINE: Surprisingly insightful and laugh-out-loud funny!

RECOMMENDED WAY TO WATCH: Movie Theater (1st Run)

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