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CSA: Confederate States of America (Unrated)

Release Date: February 15th, 2006 (IFC Center) by IFC Films.
The Cast: Evamarii Johnson, Rupert Pate, Larry J. Peterson, Charles Frank.
Directed by Kevin Willmott.

BASIC PREMISE: A mockumentary about American history if the South had won the Civil War.

ENTERTAINMENT VALUE: This consistently lively mockumentary never fails to entertain you with its shocking humor and pure absurdity. The concept of the South wining the Civil War sounds controversial enough, but writer/director Kevin Willmott goes the distance to squeeze every creative juice from this absurd concept. CSA is structured like a made-for-television documentary inter-cut with hilarious commercial breaks. If you choose to easily play along with this film’s politically incorrect and corrupt logic, you will learn that Abraham Lincoln ran away in blackface and was captured and jailed by Canadians. Slavery becomes a natural part of every day life—everyone has a black servant. Just in case a black slave runs away, there’s always a police force waiting to capture him or her.. Also, the Confederate became supportive of Hitler’s Nazi movement. The truly funny scenes, though, are the product ads during the commercials. A bizarre commercial sells metal bracelets designed for slaves to wear as irremovable tracing devices. As CSA sinks deeper into absurdity, at least Kevin Willmott has the guts to create something this bizarrely funny, inventive, and refreshingly original.

SPIRITUAL VALUE: None is required or desired.

INSULT TO YOUR INTELLIGENCE: None, as long as you keep an open mind and suspend your disbelief.


IN A NUTSHELL: Funny and inventive! One of the most delightfully absurd mockumentaries ever made!

RECOMMENDED WAY TO WATCH: Movie Theater (1st Run)

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