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Dirty (R)

Release Date: February 24th, 2006 by Silver Nitrate Releasing.
The Cast: Cuba Gooding Jr., Clifton Collins Jr., Cole Hauser, Wyclef Jean, Keith David, Taboo.
Directed by Chris Fisher.

BASIC PREMISE: Officer Salim Adel (Gooding Jr.) and his partner Armando Sancho (Collins Jr.) patrol Los Angeles to eliminate gang crimes.

ENTERTAINMENT VALUE: From start to finish, Dirty is a derivative, convoluted mess. Both Cuba Gooding Jr. and Clifton Collins Jr. have had roles in much better movies in the past. In this case, they both play corrupt cops who use any means necessary to do their job of getting gangs off the street. Dirty’s screenplay is written by three writers, namely Chris Fisher, Gil Reavill and Eric Saks, yet not a single scene feels realistic. On top of that, the shaky camerawork along with the extra-fast-paced editing creates an uncomfortably nauseating experience—like in the film Domino . The main problem with Dirty is that nobody comes across as remotely likeable—the “good guys” are just as bad as the “bad guys”. Does that make the movie less enjoyable? No, but it does if every scene reminds you of movies such as the recent Crash , Training Day , Copland and even a little bit of the much superior L.A. Confidential . Those who expect plenty of violence will be quite pleased, but much of the violence feels repetitive and pointless just like every other scene in Dirty.

SPIRITUAL VALUE: None is required or desired.

INSULT TO YOUR INTELLIGENCE: Pointless, derivative, predictable, and dull.


IN A NUTSHELL: A big, dirty mess that never cleans itself up with a derivative, convoluted plot and pointless, repetitive violence. Cuba Gooding Jr. and Clifton Collins Jr. know better than to degrade themselves in such unoriginal, boring roles.


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