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Eating Out (Unrated)

Release Date: April 8th (NYC-Quad Cinema)
The Cast: Scott Lunsford,Emily Stiles,Ryan Carnes

Basic Premise: A straight guy pretends to be gay to win over a girl.

Entertainment Value: The premise alone is entertaining and occasionally funny, but there's not enough tension or conflict. This is also one those cases when what's written in the script is funnier than what is on the screen. This is a movie where everyone screws everyone. Also, the girl gives in too and gets fooled too easily, which makes it no fun. If she were tougher to fool, there would be more to work with, but as it is, everything just falls into place too perfectly. There's a dinner scene with the straight guy's parents that is particularly funny but eventually it goes too far with the sexual jokes. This is no Farrely brothers’ movie, that's for sure.

Spiritual Value: There's nothing insightful. The ending is too contrived and unbelievable even though it doesn't have a twist ending.

Insult to your intelligence: Predictable, unrealistic and confusing at times.

Number of times I checked my watch: 5

The Bottom Line: An occasionally funny movie with a good premise that mostly falls flat as a comedy and doesn't work as a drama.

Recommended Way to Watch: VHS/DVD

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