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Eros (R)

Release Date: April 8th (NYC-Landmark Sunshine Cinema), by Warner Independent Pictures.
The Cast: Li Gong, Chen Chang, Robert Downey, Jr.,Alan Arkin, Christopher Buchholz,Regina Nemni.

Basic Premise: Three medium-length films explore the theme of eroticism: 1. "The Hand" (Wong Kar-wai), 2."Equilbrium"(Steven Soderbergh, 3."The Dangerous Thread of Things"(Michelangelo Antonioni)

Entertainment Value: The first two films are far superior to the 3rd in the series. In "The Hand", Wong Kar-wai explores eroticism in a direct and beautifully-shot way through a relationship between a young tailor and his older client. The visuals are astonishing and the music is great.

In "Equilbrium", Soderbergh takes a more indirect approach to eroticism through a relationship in which a patient (Robert Downey, Jr.) recalls his erotic dream to his shrink (Alan Arkin).Most of it is filmed in black-and-white. It is very well-written, with few comical situations which have nothing to do with eroticism, but still manage entertain.

In "The Dangerous Thread of Things" is simply boring. Some of the images are beautiful, such sa waterfall scene, but they don't lost long nor do they amount to anything.

Spiritual Value: "Equilibrium" is the most thought-provoking film within the series. It doesn't take the subject of eroticism so directly or too seriously.

Insult to your intelligence: Note to director (Antonioni): Nudity does not necessarily equal eroticism.

Number of times I checked my watch: 3

The Bottom Line: Two out of three are entertaining and thought-provoking medium-length films. All three are beautifully shot by the talented directors.

Recommended Way to Watch: Movie Theater (2nd Run)

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