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Fighting Tommy Riley (R)

Current Release Date: May 6th (NYC-AMC Empire 25)
The Cast: Eddie Jones, J.P. Davis

BASIC PREMISE: An old trainer (Jones) coaches a talented young boxer (Davis) who rises to fame.

ENTERTAINMENT VALUE: Eddie Jones and J.P. Davis both act very well and are perfectly cast in their roles. The boxing scenes are very well-shot and consistently exciting. What is truly surprising though is the unpredictable plot that becomes more complex as the story unfolds. The script is well-written without any melodrama. Therefore, the complex plot never becomes confusing or contrived. Davis' performance as the young boxer is so strong and believable that you actually end up caring about him and wanting him to succeed in boxing, whether you are a boxing fan or not. The final third of the film is the most suspenseful and heart-pounding.

SPIRITUAL VALUE: The old trainer provides a lot of insight about life--and love--to his young boxer. The lessons he gives him are difficult to accept, but they are very honest and truthful. The relationship eventually becomes very moving, especially toward the end of the film. This movie is more than a simple boxing drama--it is eventually becomes about true friendship and generosity. The thought-provoking, touching theme of loneliness, although unoriginal, also comes up eventually. This film isn't as profound as Million Dollar Baby is, but it is still an emotional roller-coaster ride. The final scenes are so touching that they can possibly make you cry.



THE BOTTOM LINE: Although it starts off simply and unoriginal, it is always well-acted and eventually becomes touching, complex movie with a plot that fortunately goes beyond boxing.

RECOMMENDED WAY TO WATCH: Movie Theater (1st Run)

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