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Game 6 (R)

Release Date: March 10th, 2006 (Regal Union Square 14) by Kindred Media Group.
The Cast: Michael Keaton, Robert Downey, Jr., Griffin Dunne, Bebe Neuwirth, Catherine O’Hara, Tom Aldredge, Ari Graynor, Roger Rees, Shalom Harlow, Bobby Steggert, Lillias White.
Directed by Michael Hoffman.

BASIC PREMISE: On October 25th, 1986, the day of Game 6 in the World Series, Nicky (Keaton), a playwright, deals with a harsh critic (Downey, Jr.), a lead actor with lapses in memory, as well as other problems that drive him crazy.

ENTERTAINMENT VALUE: Without an engaging script, Game 6 fails as both a drama and a comedy. Michael Keaton gives a mediocre performance as Nicky, a middle-aged playwright who seems to be going through a mid-career crisis. It feels tedious to watch him sulk further and further as his luck continues to go bad. A scene where the streets of New York are filled with asbestos while he chills at a bar seems too awkward and bizarre. Keaton doesn’t really act like his character is desperate to get his life back together. Even Nicky’s relationship with his daughter is unrealistic. Robert Downey Jr. tries to be offbeat and funny as a theater critic who has lost his mind and Griffin Dunne plays Nicky’s friend who also loses his. Are there any normal characters in this movie? Everyone just seems one-dimensional and unrealistic. Bebe Neuwirth and Catherine O’Hara’s screen time are so brief that they come close to being a cameo. All attempts for comedy fall flat given how stilted and awkward the dialogue feels. This is the kind of movie that, one-hour into it, you’re still wonder what it’s really all about. Every now and then, Nicky watches the Red Sox play during Game 6, the game that started the infamous Curse of the Bambino in baseball history. Unfortunately, the game itself is more entertaining than this movie.

SPIRITUAL VALUE: In one scene, a taxicab passenger tells Nicky how it’s important to have faith in one’s life. Other than that message, there’s nothing else to take away with you from Game 6 .

INSULT TO YOUR INTELLIGENCE: Contrived, stilted, and very thin plot.


IN A NUTSHELL: A very weak script with dull, one-dimensional characters makes for an ultimately boring experience. Even baseball fans won’t feel any different.


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