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The Game of Their Lives (PG)

Current Release Date: April 22nd, by IFC Films.
The Cast: Wes Bentley,Richard Jenik,Patrick Stewart

Basic Premise: In 1950, a US soccer team courageously travels to Brazil to face England.

Entertainment Value: Althought the plot is very predictable, it is light and simple,which makes it easy to follow for anyone. Fortunately, there is no violence,sex or drugs in this film. It is just a pure classic--and true--story without any romance or comedy. Even though it is not original, it is still joy to behold because it is narrated by Patrick Steward with a lot of passion and excitement. The soccer players are hard to distinguish and remember. If each player's character were more developed, it would be easier to remember them individually.

Spiritual Value: There is an interesting message about courage and sacrifice in this movie. It is obvious that each US soccer player gave it all they got, especially since they departed all the way to Brazil. This all seems amazing and inspiring, but it could have been much more emotionally effective if there were more details about at least a few US soccer players. Nonetheless, there is a feel-good ending.

Insult to your intillegence: The movie feels a little too nice and simple at times. More character detail and complexity would have helped. br>
Number of times I check my watch: 2

The Bottom Line: A sweet and simple sports movie without any profanity,sexuality,or violence for a change.However, it is not very memorable nor as emotionally involving as it could have been.

Reccommended Way to Watch: Movie Theater (2nd Run)

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