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A Hole in My Heart (Unrated)

Release Date: April 8th (NYC-Cinema Village)
The Cast: Bjorn Almroth, Sanna Brading, Thorsten Flinck
In Swedish with subtitles.

Basic Premise: An 18 year old is degraded in every way possible when she is being filmed for a porn shoot.

Entertainment Value: If you have a stomach for anything graphic--including little gore, a lot of sex, and occasionally some violence--then you will be completely entertained. Anyone else will be completely shocked to the point of frustration. The cinematography is pretty good, though, with many close-ups and interesting angles. 99% of the film is set inside one apartment, which makes the viewer feel claustrophobic at times. If one can get over all the graphic scenes, the acting is pretty good, especially from the lead actress (Brading).

Spiritual Value: The most thought-provoking scene is during the third act, which changes the setting and then replays a scene from the beginning of the film. Other than that, there is not much to think about or make one feel good about.

Insult to your intelligence: None.

Number of times I checked my watch: 2

The Bottom Line: A very intense, disturbing film that tests ones patience--and stomach--for graphic sex and degradation. Great acting and cinematography are the only redeeming factors that bring this film, somewhat, to life.

Recommended Way to Watch: Those with a strong stomach for graphic scenes: Movie Theater (1st Run)

Those with a weak stomach for graphic scenes: TV

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