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Hoot (PG)

Release Date: May 5th, 2006 by New Line Cinema.
The Cast: Luke Wilson, Logan Lerman, Brie Larson, Tim Blake Nelson, Cody Linley, Neil Flynn, Clark Gregg, Kiersten Warren, Jessica Cauffiel.
Directed by Wil Shriner.

BASIC PREMISE: Roy (Lerman) moves with his family to Florida and joins a homeless boy (Linley) and Beatrice (Larson), a classmate, on a quest to save an owl habitat from being destroyed by land developers. ENTERTAINMENT VALUE: With a plot so cartoonish and with equally cartoonish characters, Hoot would have worked better as a 2D animated film. In the opening scenes, Roy moves to Coconut Grove, Florida where he gets beaten up by a bully in school. The stilted script fails to make you care about Roy’s conflict at school or the over-all conflict of greedy, insensitive land developers destroying an owl habitat in order to build the All-American Pancake House. Even the owls don’t show up enough for you to care about them—although they do look cute when they do pop up from their holes. Tim Blake Nelson plays a dim-witted construction foreman and Luke Wilson plays a goofy cop who investigates some recurring vandalism around town. Soon, Roy meets a mysterious, homeless boy named Mullet Finger who has already befriended Beatrice. When Roy learns of the owls in danger, they all go on a mission to stop the developers from having their way. Unfortunately, writer/director Wil Shriner’s script has no imagination to spare and the adventure doesn’t quite feel as fun and adventurous as it could have been. On a positive note, there’s plenty of picturesque, colorful scenery and a great musical score which at least breathe a little life into this ultimately forgettable film.

SPIRITUAL VALUE: Unfortunately, none.

INSULT TO YOUR INTELLIGENCE: A dull plot with one-dimensional characters.


IN A NUTSHELL: Beautiful scenery and great music but with cartoonish characters and a weak plot lacking in imagination as well as a sense of adventure.


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