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An Inconvenient Truth (PG)

Release Date: May 24th, 2006 (Landmark Sunshine Cinemas) by Paramount Classics.
Directed by Davis Guggenheim.

BASIC PREMISE: A documentary about Al Goreís campaign to raise awareness of global warming.

ENTERTAINMENT VALUE: Al Gore knows how to give an eloquent, entertaining lecture about the threats of global warming on Planet Earth. He uses fancy tools such as Power Point with impressive graphics and photographs to illustrate his many points so that everyone can understand them. However, he does not do very good job of turning these important observations into a practical argument to prevent global warming from continuing. Gore had once tried to convince congress to focus its attention on the global warming issue, but instead, it had other matters to focus its attention on. It would been interesting to explore why they didnít care about it enough and still donít. Interviews with these congressmen would have helped to show their perspective, not just Goreís. Gore is definitely not the only expert who realizes the significance of global warming, so why couldnít director Davis Guggenheim include interviews with scientists working in that field? Unintentionally, this seems more like a vanity project for to improve Goreís reputation rather than an in-depth analysis of a significant issue. Among all of the pretty-to-look-at photographs showing how icy regions of the planet are melting away or other obvious changes because of global warming, Gore doesnít say anything new or surprising about the issue of global warming.

SPIRITUAL VALUE: Other than an interesting interview where Gore says that he was inspired to take on the issue of global warming after he nearly lost his son in a car accident, thereís nothing to really take away from this film unless you never heard of global warming before.

INSULT TO YOUR INTELLIGENCE: Too little insight and not enough synthesis of the facts/evidence into well-balanced, feasible solutions.


IN A NUTSHELL: Easy-to-follow and engaging to look at, but lacking in enough insight, adequate synthesis and feasible rather than simple/optimistic solutions. The recent documentary ,The Great Warming, has more say about global warming in more practical terms and with much more insight.


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