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Kicking & Screaming (PG)

Release Date: May 13, by Universal Pictures.
The Cast: Will Ferrel,Robert Duvall,Mike Ditka

BASIC PREMISE: A soccer coach (Ferrel) must deal with coaching the worst team in the little league.

ENTERTAINMENT: The talented cast is the only redeeming quality about this outrageous film. Will Farrel is always makes the best of his lines. Unfortunately, he isn't given much funny material to deal with in this film. There are one or two laugh-out-loud scenes, but everything else just falls flat. The plot is unoriginal and predictable. There is also a bizarre subplot about coffee-obsession, which is just there for Ferrel to act out more silly, unfunny scenes. Farrel has been in a much funnier kids' movie called Elf. Duvall has also been in a much better soccer movie called A Shot at Glory. Fortunately, at 95 minutes, this movie is over quickly before it becomes too annoying.

SPIRITUAL VALUE: There is a father-son subplot that is not particularly touching or insightful. The ending is at least positive, but it fails to uplift because the rest of the movie is mostly uninspiring or moving.

INSULT TO YOUR INTELLIGENCE: One-dimensional characters, a bizarre subplot about coffee-addiction, and a predictable, unoriginal plot.


THE BOTTOM LINE: A poorly-written, unfunny, unoriginal movie that becomes easy to watch thanks to Will Ferrel's high-energy. Coffee-lovers might enjoy this movie slightly more than others, though.

RECOMMENDED WAY TO WATCH: Coffee lovers: Movie Theater (2nd Run) Everyone else: VHS/DVD

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