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Kings and Queen (Unrated)

Release Date: May 13th (NYC-Cinema Village and Lincoln Plaza Cinemas), by Wellspring.
The Cast: Emmanuelle Devos,Mathieu Amalric,Catherine Deneuve.
In French with subtitles.

BASIC PREMISE: Two ex-lover's lives gradually collide as one (Devos) deals with her terminally ill father and the other (Amalric) end up in a psychiatric ward.

ENTERTAINMENT VALUE: This 2 and half-hour French film breezes by very quickly thanks to superb performances by Emmanuelle Devos and Mathieu Amalric. Devos is particularly a very talented actress--she radiates a lot of beauty and intelligence. The plot is full of surprises and complexity. It also has mystery and suspense as the connection between the two parallel stories slowly become clear. There is also a very pleasant cameo by the scene-stealer Catherine Deneuve, who plays a psychiatrist. The musical score and cinematography are also excellent, but it is the talented French actresses and actors that make this film truly engaging.

SPIRITUAL VALUE: The performances are full of emotion and the music helps to make this a very touching film. As the parallel stories collide, this film becomes very moving. The smart script makes you think every step of the way as to how the two stories are related. It can be confusing at times, but the end result is very satisfying--and moving.



THE BOTTOM LINE: A sophisticated, superbly-acted French film with a smart, complex script. Confusing at first, but those with patience will be ultimately rewarded.

RECOMMENDED WAY TO WATCH: Movie Theater (1st Run)

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