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Kung Fu Hustle (R)

Release Date: April 8th (AMC Empire 25,Loews 85th St.,and Regal Union Square 14)
April 22nd (Wider)
by Sony Pictures Classics.
The Cast: Stephen Chow,Kwok Kuen Chan,Shengyi Huang

Basic Premise: A gang of men called "the axe gang" fight a quirky group of townspeople with special powers.

Entertainment Value: There are so many exciting, silly, and funny fighting sequences that it would be impossible to list all of them without spoiling all the fun. Fighting has never looked so merry and exciting like this before. The humor is often laugh-out-loud funny. However, occasionally, there are graphic and grotesque scenes, none of which are meant to be taken seriously. There is a wonderful dance sequence that is well-choreographed and very memorable. It is a very inventive movie that does not take itself seriously and thus anyone can enjoy in its celebration of mayhem with its off-beat characters. Just don't try any of what you see at home.

Spiritual Value: None is needed or desired.

Insult to your intelligence: Occasionally, the fighting feels repetitive. Also, there are no out-takes!

Number of times I checked my watch: 1

The Bottom Line: A highly entertaining movie with loads of silliness, laughter, and off-beat characters. Sure to be the sleeper hit of the season.

Recommended Way to Watch: Movie Theater (1st run)

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