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Loggerheads (Unrated)

Release Date: October 14th, 2005 (NYC-Landmark Sunshine Cinemas) by Strand Releasing.
The Cast: Kip Pardue, Bonnie Hunt, Tess Harper, Michael Kelly, Chris Sarandon.
Directed by Tim Kirkman.

BASIC PREMISE: Three stories overlap in North Carolina: Grace (Hunt) searches for the son she gave up for adoption, George (Kelly) romances Mark (Pardue), an HIV-positive young man who is searching for his mother, and Elizabeth (Harper) and her husband Robert (Sarandon) deal with the running away of their gay son.

ENTERTAINMENT VALUE:. It becomes gradually clearer how the stories are connected, but this is by no means a plot-driven film. The real surprise here is Kip Pardue, who gives an amazing performance as the HIV-positive Mark, who ran away from home and wanders the beaches trying to save loggerhead turtles. The opening is very well-shot and picturesque, showing him trying to save the turtles. After he meets George at a motel, he opens up to him and tells him that he is searching for his real mother after running away from home. In the other two stories, the characters are also searching for something: Elizabeth and Robert are searching for their gay son, while Grace is searching for the son she gave up for adoption. It is very easy to be drawn into these characters’ lives because they are so true-to-life. The script is so well-written because it makes every character and story interesting and integral to the plot. The pace is often slow, but every scene is important and rich with life. The fact that the stories don’t take place at the same time could have been confusing and distracting, but it actually makes the film much more engaging to watch and even stylish.

SPIRITUAL VALUE: Loggerheads raises the issue of love, tolerance, and compassion. Elizabeth tries to convince her conservative husband to accept that their son is gay—they should still love him no matter what he chooses to be. By searching for his real mother, Mark is searching for unconditional love and compassion to fill the hole in his heart. Grace also has a whole in heart as she searches for her long-lost son. The scene when the adoption agency initially refuses to tell her where his adoptive parents live is very moving. It is very heartwarming when the agent suddenly has a change of heart and compassion when she secretly gives Grace the address.



THE BOTTOM LINE: A smart, moving, beautifully-shot, and unforgettable film! Kip Pardue gives his best performance ever!

RECOMMENDED WAY TO WATCH: Movie Theater (1st Run)

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