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Look at Me (PG-13)

Current Release Date: (NYC-Lincoln Plaza Cinemas and Angelika Film Center)
The Cast: Jean-Pierre Bacri, Marilou Berry, Agnes Jaoui

Basic Premise: Lolita (Berry), an obese 20 year-old girl struggles with low self-esteem and neglect from her famous father (Bacri).

Entertainment Value: The acting is superb all across the board, especially by Marilou Berry, who p. Also, Agnes Jaoui who plays Lolita's chorus teacher is very affecting as usual. Fortunately, the screenplay (written by Bacri and Jaoui) is very well-written and engaging because it allows one to care about Lolita and find humor in many unexpected moments. Had it been written by someone else, it could have felt too much like a soap-opera.

Spiritual Value: The relationship, or lack thereof, between Lolita and her father is very realistic and moving. The message about the social and family life of celebrities is very thought-provoking as well as timely. The ending sends a subtle, uplifting message in a believable way without being too sugar-coated.

Insult to your intelligence: None.

Number of times I checked my watch: 0

The Bottom Line: A well-acted and well-written French film with subtle, unexpected humor and realistic, uplifting and thought-provoking messages.

Recommended Way to Watch: Movie Theater (1st Run)

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