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Me and You and Everyone We Know (R)

Release Date: June 17th (NYC--at the brand new IFC Center!!), by IFC Films.
The Cast: Miranda July, John Hawks, Ellen Geer, Brad Henke, Jordan Potter, Brandon Ratcliff.
Directed by Miranda July.
BASIC PREMISE: A group of lonely people, old and young, connect with one another in many different ways.

ENTERTAINMENT VALUE: There are a lot of surprises in this very well-written film. First of all, the script is very fresh and, along with the musical score, there entire film is off-beat. Being off-beat is not always accessible for many people, like a Guy Maddin film that completely defies any law of cinema. However, this film has so much going on in it and with so many quirky, likeable characters that it is very easy to enjoy it without heading for the exit door. The acting is superb, especially that of Miranda July who also directs and writes it. Also quite affecting is Brad Ratcliff as a very young boy who is way beyond his years--he discovers a very sexual yet hilarious act through an internet chat he has with a woman who thinks he is much older. Each character is written in such a perceptive, specific way that it is easy to remember each one and how they eventually connect with everyone else. The off-beat humor is not for everyone's taste, though, but it is always feels crisp and original.

SPIRITUAL VALUE: Each character feels very real and, most importantly, human. Despite the awkward situation that they end up in, there are moments when one could easily relate to them. Each character searches for love or just companionship. Yes, their lives are crazy and complicated, but there is still hope for them. Therefore, they are in many ways like me, you and everyone we know: they lives have ups and downs and everything in between.



THE BOTTOM LINE: A very off-beat, well-written little film that tackles the universal issues of love and loneliness in a very sensitive, perceptive way. There is so much originality in this film that it will make you want to go "back and forth" to the movie theater. You will have to see the film to know why "back and forth" is in quotations.

RECOMMENDED WAY TO WATCH: Movie Theater (1st Run)

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