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Milk and Honey (Unrated)

Release Date: March 18th (NYC-Quad Cinema), by Wellspring
The Cast: Clint Jordan,Kirsten Russell,Dudley Findlay,Jr.,Anthony Howard,Greg Amici

Basic Premise: A New York stockbroker is released from a mental institution and faces the issues of infidelity and suicide after his wife rejects his marriage re-proposal at a party.

Entertainment Value: The characters in this movie end up in very complicated situation with a lot at stake. The performance by Clint Jordan as the insane stockbroker carries the movie away from being silly and implausible. However, the plot is convoluted and contrived at times.

Spiritual Value: The movie is shot in digital video, which makes it feel more real, as if it is happening before one's eyes. The issues of infidelity and suicide are not discussed enough. Instead, Joe Maggio, the screenwriter, spends more time focusing on plot twists than including more insights into the flaws of his characters. None-the-less, the difficult situations that each character goes through is thought-provoking despite the lack of profoundness.

Insult to your intelligence: The interesting name of the title of this movie is ruined by a scene in which a character drinks milk with honey and when asked why he is drink it, he replied that its his simply his choice--which a cop-out of an answer that leaves one with more questions than answers as to the symbolism of the title. Alexander Payne would have written a better scene with the symbolism.

Number of times I check my watch: 2

The Bottom Line: Good acting and decent film-making saves this movie from being completely unwatchable its convoluted plot and lack of insight into the characters' flaws.

Recommended way to watch: VHS/DVD

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