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Mr. and Mrs.Smith (PG-13)

Release Date: June 10th, by Twentieth Century Fox
The Cast: Angelina Jolie,Brad Pitt,Vince Vaughn

BASIC PREMISE: A husband (Pitt) and wife (Jolie) with a secret double live as assassins have deadly serious marriage problems when they are required to assassinate one another.

ENTERTAINMENT VALUE: The scenes with Pitt and Jolie together are full of sizzle and spark. They are both good-looking and slick. The movie is at its best during the action scenes with all the guns blazing in the ultimate battle of the sexes. It often funny to watch a husband and wife have to deal with each other in such a crazy, violent fashion. No wonder they end up in therapy! There is one unbelievably well-shot car chase scene that is very thrilling. The cinematography is very good, although at times it feels overly-edited. Both sexy actors use their star power to elevate the film and make it almost as good as True Lies, another husband/wife secret assassin movie. The soundtrack is appropriately hip and modern. The comic relief lies in Vince Vaughn’s hands and he does it very well as usual. Too bad he didn’t have more scenes to make the plot feel more fresh and funny. Also, those who expect to see Jolie and Pitt in any sex scenes will be disappointed. They end up fighting one another most of the time but during those action scenes the entertainment is clearly at its peak.

SPIRITUAL VALUE: This is where the film fails the most. Their therapy sessions are never meant to make them into real human beings—just sexy, star-powered plot devices. Not like the sessions in Analyze This, at least. There is one scene where Jolie crashes her car into Pitt’s car and sends it flying off the road down a small hill. In the next scene, Pitt only appears to look dirty rather than bruised. Only in Hollywood!

INSULT TO YOUR INTELLIGENCE: The plot is very predictable and borrows too heavily from True Lies, but still manages to be a lot of fun.


THE BOTTOM LINE: A slick action-packed summer blockbuster full of spark and sizzle between two hot celebrities. Summer blockbusters are meant to entertain and this movie does it very well--as long as you don’t think too much or try anything at home!

RECOMMENDED WAY TO WATCH: Movie Theater (1st run)

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