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My Summer of Love (R)

Release Date: June 17th (NYC-Landmark Sunshine and Lincoln Plaza Cinemas), by Focus Features.
The Cast: Nathalie Press, Emily Blunt, Paddy Constantine

BASIC PREMISE: A coming of age story about one summer when two teenagers who learn about love and sex in the countryside.

ENTERTAINMENT: The cinematography is exceptional and the scenery is very beautiful. The entire film is very bright and colorful with a great musical score. The two female leads are very gorgeous and their acting skills are quite good. One girl (Press) is poor while the other (Blunt) is rich, so naturally there is a lot of conflict and jealousy between the two. There are a few plot surprises, especially toward the end. The film is quite sexual at times but it never becomes pornographic. There are a few violent scenes that are not graphic and they are essential for the thin plot. This film works best as a characters study.

SPIRITUAL VALUE: As a character study, there are many moments of revelationsóboth spiritual and sexual. As both girls discover their sexuality, they learn a lot of about the harsh realities of love and friendship. The lush, picturesque settings add a level of tranquility to the film that reflects and symbolizes the freedom that the young women experience during their summer. Ultimately, both characters change from how they were when they were first introduced. They become more complex while learning that love comes in many different forms. Everyone at one point undergoes some kind of experience like this that awakens them to the world around them.



THE BOTTOM LINE: Lush cinematography, subtle sexuality, along with strong performances help to make this character-driven film entertaining as well as emotionally charged.

RECOMMENDED WAY TO WATCH: Movie Theater (1st Run)

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