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Never Been Thawed (Unrated)

Release Date: October 7th, 2005 (NYC-Cinema Village) by Slippery Chicken Pictures.
The Cast: Sean Anders, Shelly Frasier, Allen Zwolle, Mike Gordon, John Morris, Charles Arnold, Scott Isham.
Directed by Sean Anders.

BASIC PREMISE: A mockumentary the quirky members of the Mesa Frozen Entrée Enthusiasts club.

ENTERTAINMENT VALUE: The actors give great performances simply because they give the perception that what they are saying is real and that they aren’t reading a script. In other words, they make this film seem like a documentary. It is fun to play along with them no matter how eccentric they are. They are all part of the Mesa Frozen Entrée Enthusiasts, which is nothing other than what it sounds like. One of the members hides a “valuable” frozen entrée in his standard freezer rather than his special freezer so that a burglar would be least likely too look in there for it. That’s pretty funny stuff. The rest of the film truly enters fantasy land as each character’s career is shown. For example, Shelly (Frasier) is a counselor on an Intercourse Prevention Hotline—callers who are about to have full intercourse are considered an emergency. Then there’s Shawn (Anders) who is part of a Christian rock band called the Christers. Milo (Angelo), the band’s manager, owns No Choice, an anti-abortion coffee shop which as a sign that says “Abortion stops a beating heart, but coffee starts a heart a’beatin’”. There are a few offensive and shocking scenes, but at least they all generate plenty of belly laughs. It is a lot of fun to celebrate with this film’s relentless journey into the absurd.

SPIRITUAL VALUE: Only at first, it is somewhat thought provoking to figure out if these are real, strange people or just actors playing them. Eventually, it is easy to notice that it’s all unreal and purely meant for laughs.

INSULT TO YOUR INTELLIGENCE: A few offensive, inappropriate jokes.


THE BOTTOM LINE: A bizarre and off-beat mockumentary with plenty of belly laughs and absurd characters. Sean Anders is the new Christopher Guest!

RECOMMENDED WAY TO WATCH: Movie Theater (1st Run)

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