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Now and Forever (Unrated)

Release Date: August 19th, 2005 (NJ-Emerson Quad, Bergenfield Cinema 5,Mansfield Cinema 14,Kinnelon 11,Middlebrook Cinema 10,and Parsippany Cinema 12) by Illuminare Entertainment.
The Cast: Mia Kirshner, Adam Beach, Gordon Tootoosis, Theresa Russell, Gabriel Olds
Directed by Bob Clark.

BASIC PREMISE: Despite being from different cultures, John (Beach) and Angela (Kirshner) were best friends since grade school. Angela leaves town and at the end of high school, she ends up in a love triangle between John and T.J. (Olds).

ENTERTAINMENT VALUE: The genres of romance and drama are magically combined in this thoroughly entertaining film. The plot structure is very effective in setting up the suggested romance between John and Angela even before they hit their high school years. There are enough details about both of their families to show how different their cultures are--John is Native American with a very spiritual and warm father. What draws these two souls together is very obvious because of all the liveliness and attention they gave each other when they were kids--Angela certainly does not get this kind of attention at home. The inter-cultural relationship causes a lot of conflict and, eventually, jealous as soon as T.J. enters the picture later on. The well-written script brings life into every character. Concurrently, it also builds the tension up gradually until the last thirty minutes that are full of surprises. Kirshner and Beach both give very strong performances that grab hold of you from the very first frame. Amid a lot of Hollywood films with A-list actors who have no chemistry whatsoever, these lovers actually have chemistry and show it! On top of that, the production values are outstanding with superb cinematography, beautiful scenery, and a very effective musical score. This is a thoroughly engaging film from beginning to end.

SPIRITUAL VALUE: It is very easy to be moved by the profound, long-lasting love between John and Angela. Their love is tested just like in many romances. Fortunately, they always pass the test no matter what they go through and how much time passes by. John's rigorous devotion to Angela is very uplifting. They are truly soul mates. Also, their spiritual guidance is very poignant, inspiring, and ultimately rewarding. The last heartbreaking thirty minutes are filled with many beautiful, touching scenes that it is hard not to get teary-eyed. The very last scene is a perfectly satisfying way to end a film that is rich is spirituality and true love.



THE BOTTOM LINE: An emotionally-charged, well-acted, and beautiful gem of film that is full of twists and surprises. A film that must be seen NOW and that will linger in your mind FOREVER.

RECOMMENDED WAY TO WATCH: Movie Theater (1st Run)

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