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Reviews for October 25th, 2019

Documentary Round-Up

      No Safe Spaces, directed by Justin Folk, is a vital, timely and alarming documentary about the increasing lack freedom of speech in America, an essential part of democracy. He follows comedian and podcaster Adam Carolla and radio talk show host Dennis Prager as they persuasively preach about importance of having an amalgam different viewpoints no matter how harsh or different they are. They and others, like Tim Allen, have been silenced by people with opposing viewpoints who are more willing to censor them and threaten their livelihood than to have a meaningful discussion. Even if someone has a "dangerous" viewpoint, it should be invalidated or disproved through discourse. Fortunately, No Safe Spaces isn't just a rage-inducing doc like those of Michael Moore or Dinesh D'Souza; it makes valid points that are related to human rights, a bipartisan issue. Folk also incorporates some humorous moments into the doc so that it's not too dry or academic. It would've been interesting, though, if he would've interviewed some sociopsychologics or critical thinkers like Noam Chomsky who would have a lot to say about modern society and to get to the bottom of why people choose to ostracize others who strongly disagree with them. How can anyone from this generation have a conversation or debate when they're too accustomed to texting and tweeting rather than having face-to-face conversations? Modern technology, after all, is a Faustian bargain. Critical thinking is a skill that schools rarely, if ever, teach students, so how can there be debates without that essential tool? Narcissism seems to be a major personality disorder plaguing our citizens and, especially, our political leaders, so people too often look at others as an extension of themselves. Then there's also the problem with herd mentality. The doc is fundamentally about the importance of democracy. The doc What is Democracy? delved much deeper into how democracy functions around the world and why it fails or succeeds while admitting the harsh truth there can never be such a thing as a full democracy. No Safe Spaces opens in select theaters by Atlas Distribution.

The Gallows: Act II

Directed by Chris Lofing and Travis Cluff


Number of times I checked my watch: 2
Released by Lionsgate Premiere.
Opens at Cinema Village.


Directed by Nadav Lapid


Number of times I checked my watch: 4
Released by Kino Lorber.
Opens at Quad Cinema.
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