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Oyster Farmer (Unrated)

Release Date: July 29th, 2005 (NYC-Quad Cinema) by Cinema Guild.
The Cast: Alex O'Lachlan, Diana Glenn, Kelly Armstrong, Alan Cinis, David Field.
Directed by Anna Reeves.

BASIC PREMISE: Jack (O'Lachlan) robs money from a fish market, hides as an oyster farmer in a small town, and falls in love with Pearl (Glenn), his boss's daughter.

ENTERTAINMENT VALUE: Every character is likeable and uniquely quirky throughout this film. Although Jack does steal money, he ends up in bad luck when he loses it in the mail system because he mailed it to himself. The scenes in the oyster farm near the water are very beautifully-shot--the sunny weather helps to make the water always shine. It simply looks like a dreamy vacation place. Jack eventually meets Pearl, a beautiful woman who he suspects has stolen his money that he stole. Predictably, they fall in love with one another as Jack gets closer to her parents. Their outdoor sex scene is erotic and very sensual. The acting is superb, especially Kelly Armstrong as the Pearl's mother who has a lot of charisma. The script has a lot of subtle humor peppered throughout it, none of which is offensive. However, although there is some dark humor involving a dog which may make dog-lovers cringe. The plot eventually thickens with a few surprising--and funny---plot twists. Nonetheless, writer/director Ann Reeves never focuses too much on the engaging plot and picturesque locations. Fortunately, the characters are lively, refreshing and real enough to be engaging as well.

SPIRITUAL VALUE: The picturesque scenery and quietness in and around the oyster farm is very soothing. Also, it is very uplifting that the characters are ultimately good-natured. During the last 30 minutes, there is a very thought-provoking and even touching plot twist--nothing like a Hollywood plot-twist, though. The ending is predictable, although it is very satisfying.

INSULT TO YOUR INTELLIGENCE: Occasionally predictable plot.


THE BOTTOM LINE: With its picturesque settings, well-written script full of subtle humor, and very likeable and lively actors, it is a real pleasure to watch this film.

RECOMMENDED WAY TO WATCH: Movie Theater (1st Run)

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