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Interview with Rachel McAdams, star of Married Life

Rachel McAdams stars in the romantic period piece Married Life, directed and co-written by Ira Sachs, as Kay, a young widow who falls in love with two older men, Harry (Chris Cooper) and Richard (Pierce Brosnan). Harry and his wife, Pat (Patricia Clarkson), have lost the spark in their marriage and, while cheating on her with Kay, he plots Pat's murder. Rachel McAdams has previously acted in The Hot Chick, Mean Girls, The Notebook, Wedding Crashers, Red Eye and The Family Stone. She will soon be seen in The Lucky Ones, The Time Traveler's Wife and State of Play where she gets to act with Helen Mirren and Russel Crowe. I had a real privilege to interview the sexy and smart Rachel McAdams.

Sony Pictures Classics releases Married Life on March 7th, 2008.

NYC MOVIE GURU: How do you usually choose your roles?

RM: The exploration is pretty intense each time, so I try to grab something new. Thereís some kind of intuition involved which I try to listen to and go from there.

NYC MOVIE GURU: Why did you do during your 2-year break since The Family Stone in 2005?

RM: A lot of things happened to me in other parts of my life. I bought a house and started an eco-website with two of my friends. Itís a fulltime job, which I didnít expect, but I love it. Itís hard to be an actress and an environmentalist at the same time. The website is

NYC MOVIE GURU: Do you believe Harryís theory that marriage is like the flu?

RM: [Iím] a little bit more positive than that. [laughs] My parents have an amazing marriage, so I grew up with a great example in my life. I donít know what it is, but it can be magical and work out.

NYC MOVIE GURU: What was it like working with director Ira Sachs?

RM: He instilled confidence in me and was interested in everything that actors bring to the table. That copasetic relationship allowed him to move on quickly to actualize his vision. He also gave me a piece of the music that was composed at the very beginning. I got to drive around beautiful, pristine parts of Canada Iíve never been to before with this beautiful music. Itís lovely when directors share something like that and you donít just hear it at the movie theater. Itís nice to let you in on their vision a little bit and to actually be able to hear the mood. [That] was really helpful for me.

NYC MOVIE GURU: How do you feel about the fact that Ira Sachs didnít let allow an rehearsal?

RM: You get the feeling that youíre rehearsing while youíre shooting because you donít have to get it right the first time or the second time or the fifth time. However long it takes you to get there, heíll put the time and the energy into it and be incredibly supportive along the way. I really like rehearsing but completely respect that sometimes you capture something on that first take because you havenít rehearsed, which you would never find otherwise. I could understand his need to get it on film as quickly as possible.

NYC MOVIE GURU: Howís your swing dancing?

RM: I have not done any more swing dancing. Iím much more comfortable dancing on ice than on my feetóthatís what I grew up doing, so somehow a pair of blades is easier for me. We had a few lessons at a little studio in Vancouver. All the ballerinas in their little tutus were getting excited about Pierce Brosnan. It was really cute.

NYC MOVIE GURU: What was it like falling in love with Ryan Gosling, your ex-boyfriend and co-star in The Notebook?

RM: Ryan [Gosling] said something really lovely which was that our romance was more romantic than The Notebook. We had much, much more than that to our life together. Iíll leave it there because I thought that was so well put.

NYC MOVIE GURU: Do you think the institute of marriage has changed since the 1940ís?

RM: Psychologically, nothing has changed. The emotional things people are dealing with and the way that people conduct themselves is pretty much the same. Thereís less communication with these characters, [though]. [Also], we have more ideas of romance now and more expectations of our partners that they could never live up to. Back then, you met some one in high school and made a decision. [Nowadays], we have love A.D.D. Itís great to have the opportunity to find that fits you very well and that you get along with. I do think that marriages have a lot more communication and that there are much stronger relationships out there nowadays.

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