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The Roost (Unrated)

Release Date: October 21st, 2005 (NYC-Village East Cinemas) by Vitagraph Films.
The Cast: Tom Noonan, Karl Jacob, Vanessa Horneff, Sean Reid, Wil Horneff, Barbara Wilhide, Richard Little, John Speredakos, Larry Fessenden.
Directed by Ti West.

BASIC PREMISE: Four friends become trapped in a farmhouse while being hunted by vampire bats and zombies.

ENTERTAINMENT VALUE: In the creative opening scene, a spooky host (Noonan) of a black-and-white horror show prefaces the movie and shows up two more times to comment about the action. There’s no character development or witty one-liners like in Scream. The unoriginal plot starts like every other horror film when the victims take a wrong turn and get lost in the middle of nowhere. Then, of course, their car gets stuck just when happens to be Halloween night. Most cases, every character in a horror film either has no cell-phone reception or their batteries have die. In this case, it’s the latter. Predictably, the four victims find an abandoned farmhouse where terror awaits them. The small town’s sheriff can’t help them once he turns into a zombie, so for most of the film, they’re helplessly trapped in the barn. Even though you don’t really care about any of the victims, at least there are enough scares to make you jump in your seats. Most of the scares come from the eerie soundtrack and stylish visual effects—not to mention the excessive blood and guts, which always makes a horror film more entertaining.

SPIRITUAL VALUE: The only lesson this film has is to always stay focused on following proper directions while driving and to make sure that your cell-phone has a fully-charged battery.

INSULT TO YOUR INTELLIGENCE: Predictable, mostly unoriginal plot, and no character development.


THE BOTTOM LINE: A derivative plot with no character development, but for a low-budget film, the scary soundtrack and stylish visual effects create enough frightening scenes to please any true horror fan.

RECOMMENDED WAY TO WATCH: True horror fans- Movie Theater (1st Run)
Everyone else- VHS/DVD

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