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Liam Neeson and Ed Harris, stars of Run All Night

Warner Bros. opens Run All Night nationwide on March 13th, 2015.

NYC MOVIE GURU: Do you think there's a shortage of films for older audiences in Hollywood?

Liam Neeson: We know that Hollywood makes films for the 14 to 24-year-old demographic. There's a 24 through the mid-80s that's sometimes not accounted for. That's just my theory about why a film like Taken or other of these action films. They have more mature people in them. These sorts of scripts don't get made all that often.

NYC MOVIE GURU: What do you think is so appealing about dark themes?

Ed Harris: If you're dealing with the darkness, then you have somewhere you can go---into the light, or attempting to or struggling to or fighting to or longing to. There's somewhere to go to get out of it.

LN: A fantastic Nordic writer, Henning Mankell, has been interviewed, and something he said really stuck with me: the darker the crime, the more it reveals humanity. You think of the Ancient Greek plays where the mothers are killing their babies and fathers eating their sons---they reveals so much about all of us.

NYC MOVIE GURU: Ed, how did you prepare for the scene where you react to your son's death in the film?

EH: I didn't really prepare. It's kind of like a shock. In a way, it's not entirely surprising to my character because he knows his son is going down the wrong path. It's the kind of thing where you just pick the phone up and you're told something, it's almost difficult to believe.

NYC MOVIE GURU: Liam, what was most challenging for you as an actor?

LN: The hardest thing to do is to be drunk. There's a great Irish actor called Cyril Cusack who's dead now. He could do it such a subtle way. I actually just try to copy what he would do. You can so overplay that kind of stuff.

NYC MOVIE GURU: Ed, how do you feel about the issue of gun control?

EH: I'm a supporter of the Brady campaign. I don't know how effective it is, but I do support their cause. I have nothing against hunting, but I don't know why you need a semi-automatic weapon to hunt. It doesn't make sense to me.

NYC MOVIE GURU: Which actors from the Golden Age of American Cinema would you have liked to worked with?

EH: I would've loved to work with Kirk Douglas, Henry Fonda and James Stuart. I actually had a chance to work with Paul Newman before he died which was great.

LN: Robert Mitchum and James Cagney.

NYC MOVIE GURU: What about John Wayne?

LN: Yes, of course. Why not?

NYC MOVIE GURU: Ed, what kind of films would you like to be in that would be refreshing for you as an actor?

EH: I would like to be asked to do some intelligent comedies which doesn't come my way very often.

NYC MOVIE GURU: Liam, how do you so successfully maintain so much physical and emotional intensity throughout the film shoot?

LN: A lot of it comes with experience. There's a great old Irish actor called Colin Blakely who's hero of mine. He's been in Lawrence Olivier's original Masterpiece Theatre. I once had the pleasure of working with him in a TV play and he said, "Everyone talks about being relaxed. You don't want to be relaxed. That's the next step to falling asleep. I want to be poised."

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