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Sarah Silverman: Jesus is Magic (Unrated)

Release Date: November 11th, 2005 (NYC-Regal Union Square 14 and AMC 25) by Roadside Attractions.
Directed by Liam Lynch.

BASIC PREMISE: A documentary featuring Sarah Silverman’s stand-up routine.

ENTERTAINMENT VALUE: For comedy to be successful, it mostly depends on timing and presentation. Sexual jokes were the talk-of-the-town in The Aristocrats and they were quite funny. However, Sarah Silverman goes beyond sexual jokes with material that is racist, homophobic, and ant-Semitic. She boldly makes fun of September 11th, Martin Luther King, and the Holocaust, but there’s a difference from “making fun” and “making funny”. At first, her jokes are shocking, but eventually they seem recycled and simply irritating. What’s worse is that she delivers most of the punch-lines without any good comic timing—at one point, she even loses her trail of thought. The most inventive scenes are her few musical numbers, but singing to old people at a retirement home that they will die soon doesn’t generate too many laughs, especially as it’s repeated over and over throughout the song. Perhaps she should have stuck to sexual jokes, like in her small, hilarious scene in i> The Aristocrats . In Sarah Silverman: Jesis is Magic she just tries too hard to be funny, but, especially with a poor presentation, ends up insulting, rude, and unlikable. When she makes out with a mirror in one scene, she pretty much sums up how she really feels about herself. If only she would have thought about others before she came up with this unfunny material.

SPIRITUAL VALUE: None is required or desired.

INSULT TO YOUR INTELLIGENCE: Recycled, insulting jokes with a poor presentation.


THE BOTTOM LINE: Unfunny and uninspired. Sarah Silverman shows plenty of audacity, but with poorly-chosen material, she fails to deliver in more ways than one.


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