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Shadow: Dead Riot (Unrated)

Release Date: March 22nd , 2006 (Imaginasian) by Media Blasters Releasing.
VHS/DVD Release Date: March 28th, 2006.
The Cast: Tony Todd, Carla Greene, Nina Hodoruk, Michael Quinlan, Cat Miller, Andrea Langi, Tatiana Butler, Erin Brown.
Directed by Derek Wan.

BASIC PREMISE: Shadow (Todd), an immortal serial killer, re-immerges to wreak havoc at an all-women’s prison.

ENTERTAINMENT VALUE: Shadow: Dead Riot has B-movie written all over it. It has an absurd plot, one-dimensional characters, bad acting and very cheap gore. The first five minutes set up the rest of the film as Shadow—still a human—gets killed, but his soul still remains magically alive after twenty years. Carla Greene plays Solitaire, a strong female prisoner who battles Shadow. Director Derek Wan keeps a tongue-in-cheek visual style as if he knows how silly and derivative this film is. Nonetheless, a few scenes will make you briefly laugh-out-loud from of the absurdity, such as when fake-looking zombie baby starts attacking. The third act also has some Shawn of the Dead -style humor when dozens of zombies invade the prison. However, until this comical zombie battle, there’s nothing to really hold your interest other than some nudity without a single scary scene—the soundtrack and the horribly stilted script certainly don’t help generate any scares. On a positive note, Tony Todd (from Candyman) rule as Shadow!

SPIRITUAL VALUE: None is required or desired.

INSULT TO YOUR INTELLIGENCE: None, as long as you suspend your disbelief.


IN A NUTSHELL: B-movie heaven! A low-budget Shawn of the Dead !

RECOMMENDED WAY TO WATCH: VHS/DVD (Where B-movies are meant to be watched)

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