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Tamara (R)

Release Date: February 3rd, 2006 by City Lights Media.
The Cast: Matthew Marsden, Jenna Dewan, Chad Faust, Gil Hacohen, Claudette Mink, Melissa Elias, Katie Stuart.
Directed by Jeremy Haft.

BASIC PREMISE: After her classmates kill her, Tamara (Dewan), an unattractive high school student, uses her powers of witchcraft to rise from the dead looking beautiful while exacting revenge on her tormentors one by one.

ENTERTAINMENT VALUE: Revenge has a new name: Tamara.The first act wastes no time introducing Tamara when she’s picked on and humiliated. Very few students like her because she wrote an article for the school newspaper which named specific drug users. When some of her classmates learn of her crush on Mr.Natolly (Marsden), their teacher, they decide to pull a prank on her by inviting her to a motel pretending to the teacher. Luckily, they convince the dorky audio/video guy to help make it work. Everything goes as planned until they accidentally kill her during a fight. When they bury her in the woods, that’s when the fun really begins. The cinematography along with the music helps make the rise-from-the-grave scene truly frightening. Tamara walks right into class, but looking more beautiful than ever in make-up. Little does anyone know that she’s about to get deadly creative with the powers of witchcraft The first death lives up to the R-rating with plenty of squeamish gore—which looks surprisingly realistic given the tiny budget. One of the deaths comes as a surprise because you didn’t expect the character to be victim. At a party, Tamara decides to use he powers by making two of the guys have sex with one another—the way she decides who’s top and who’s bottom is hilarious. The third act has some exciting cat-and-mouse chases with a great use of dark, creepy locations and an eerie musical score which allows for very scary moments. Jenna Dewan lights up the screen. She turns Tamara into the hottest, most seductive witch you’ve ever seen—you even end up rooting for her. What makes Tamara so thrilling is that you know who the victims will be, like in Final Destination , but you wonder how they will die. Rarely has revenge been such a guilty pleasure.

SPIRITUAL VALUE: Be careful who you pick on because they might turn out to be an evil witch! Other than that, no other message is required or desired to take with you.

INSULT TO YOUR INTELLIGENCE: None, as long as you suspend your disbelief.


IN A NUTSHELL: Wickedly smart! Sexy, stylish with plenty of devilish fun! Bring on the sequel!

RECOMMENDED WAY TO WATCH: Movie Theater (1st Run)

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