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Heather Sossaman, star of Unfriended

Universal Pictures opens Unfriended nationwide on April 17th, 2015.

NYC MOVIE GURU: What do you think is so appealing about dark themes?

Heather Sossaman: A lot of people like the thrills. I'm a huge scaredy-cat---I was even scared while watching this movie.

NYC MOVIE GURU: Laura is both a villain and a victim?

HS: What I like about Laura is that you see a different side of bullying and cyber-bullying through her. Sometimes you bully someone because you think they deserve it, but it also makes you a bully. She's interesting from that perspective of bullying.

NYC MOVIE GURU: If Laura were to ask you for advice about how to deal the bullying, what advice would you give her?

HS: I was bullied in the school that I grew up in. I'm the first generation of kids who used the internet. Keep your head up, I would say. Everybody is bullied to some degree; it's just a matter of how you handle it.

NYC MOVIE GURU: There's an old adage says that "Sticks and stones can break my bones, but words can never hurt me." Do you agree or disagree?

HS: I disagree. I think that words are very hurtful. Everybody needs to be really careful about what they say because it can hurt people. Take it all with a grain of salt, [though].

NYC MOVIE GURU: Do you think Laura would have forgiven her bullies if they would have apologized early on?

HS: With Laura I think it was pretty hopeless. I don't think that she's a very nice person, and I think that she's was pretty pissed off, so she was looking for revenge from the very beginning. I think it would have been good for everyone to apologize, but that obviously didn't happen.

NYC MOVIE GURU: How do you know when an apology is truly sincere?

HS: That depends on how the apology was made for you. An apology can always make someone feel better, but at the same time nobody's in charge of making you feel better---you have to figure how to do that yourself. I don't really know how you know when an apology is truly sincere. You should appreciate someone who takes the time to apologize.

NYC MOVIE GURU: How is the advancement of modern technology affecting the quality of human relationships?

HS: What I really like about this movie is that it's so familiar to everybody because of the technology---the relationship with our phones and the computers. I broke my phone a couple days ago and felt so out of touch with the social world.

NYC MOVIE GURU: Do you think that Facebook is blurring the line between a real friend and a Facebook friend?

HS: Facebook is just a way for me to stay in contact with people who are already my friends.

NYC MOVIE GURU: Unfriended doesn't show the teenagers' parents. What do you think Laura's relationship is like with her parents?

HS: I'm not sure. Leaving the parents out was intentionally done because it was a comment on our society about how kids are left alone and given so much unlimited access on the internet and you don't know what they're doing. They can end up bullying others. As far as Laura's relationship with her parents, I don't think it was good because she wasn't a nice person.

NYC MOVIE GURU: Do you believe in the supernatural?

HS: I believe that I don't know. [laughs] I'm indifferent on the answer, but wouldn't be surprised if we found out if it did exist, but I never had any supernatural experiences.

NYC MOVIE GURU: Is it better to watch Unfriended with a large crowd?

HS: I actually don't think that. People will be even more scared for a second time when they're watching it alone at home because they're sitting in the dark and it feels that much more real, especially if you see it on a computer.

NYC MOVIE GURU: Do you think Unfriended can still be enjoyed as much if the viewer already knows everything that happens in the plot beforehand??

HS: I really enjoyed watching it every time I watched it because I had a different experience each time. I think it's one of those movies that you can see over and over again.

NYC MOVIE GURU: What do you think are the basic elements that turn a horror film into a classic?

HS: I remember watching The Exorcist when I was in high school, and it really scared me--it's absolutely a classic and it still scares me. What turns it into a classic is if people are able to watch it over and over again, still be scared and and if they experience it differently each time.

NYC MOVIE GURU: What would make a great double feature with Unfriended?

HS: It would pair well with another horror movie like The Excorist. Watching Unfriended as part of a scary movie marathan would make it even more scarier.

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