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Unleashed (R)

Release Date: May 13th, 2005
The Cast: Jet Li, Morgan Freeman, Bob Hoskins.

BASIC PREMISE: A slave (Li) who has only been taught by his master (Hoskins) how to fight all his life finally frees himself into the outside world where he meets a blind piano player (Freeman).

ENTERTAINMENT VALUE: The choreography during Jet Li's fighting scenes is nothing short of amazing. The scenes are fast-paced with a lot of momentum. There are a few beautiful shots, especially one that actually takes one inside a piano. Morgan Freeman's acting is superb--he delivers his lines with his usual humor and charisma. The soundtrack and score are also very good, helping to boost a lot of energy and an ultra-cool feeling. Jet Li carries this film very well--he adds a very nice touch of absurd, dark humor which adds a very refreshing layer to his talented stunt-work. The scenes when Jet Li tries to learn how to adapt to the outside world are hilarious.

SPIRITUAL VALUE: Surprisingly, there is more than just action in this film. There is a very touching story about relationship between Jet Li's character and his mother who abandoned him. Also, the relationship between him and Freeman is very strong as well as uplifting.



THE BOTTOM LINE: An action-packed film with beautifully choreographed stunts, a moving story, and charismatic, talented actors who know how to add a surprising level of humor that is rarely found in action movies these days.

RECOMMENDED WAY TO WATCH: Movie Theater (1st Run)

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