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Wolf Creek (R)

Release Date: December 25th, 2005 by The Weinstein Company.
The Cast: Nathan Phillips, Kestie Morassi, Cassandra Magrath, John Jarratt, Guy Peterson, Gordon Poole.
Directed by Greg McLean.

BASIC PREMISE: When three young adults go on road trip to Wolf Creek, their car breaks down and a vicious killer pursues them. Based on a true story.

ENTERTAINMENT VALUE: The best horror films are usually the ones who live up to their R-rating, if they even get an R-rating. The Fog and Darkness were both PG-13 horror films. Wolf Creek certainly lives up to its R-rated. It has all the elements of standard horror movies, but still manages to be very horrifying. The three good-looking victims include Ben (Phillips), Liz (Magrath), and Kristy (Morassi) who smile and laugh inside a pool while vacationing together in Australia. During these early scenes, you just know that these moments of joy will soon vanish. On they go to Wolf Creek where their car breaks down right in front of a large crater. Of course, their cell-phones donít work either. Once night falls, the scary scenes rise. A creepy but somewhat generous man (Jarratt) offers to tow them to his house where he could fix their car. When they arrive there, the gruesome scenes donít begin as quickly as you might expect them toófirst, they eat, drink, and joke around with the creepy man on his lawn. Once the creepy man starts torturing his victims, Wolf Creek becomes gruesome to the extent that itís difficult to watch. They have a very small chance of survival. Where are they going to run off to in the middle of the night? They donít even know where they are. Unlike in Chaos
, the violence is actually scary rather than just sick and twisted. Writer-director Greg McLeans knows how to create just the right combination of lighting, musical score, and camera angle to generate a genuinely terrifying atmosphere of hysterical paranoia. The cat and mouse chase toward the end will have you at the edge of your seat and biting your nails even after the sun rises.

SPIRITUAL VALUE: Think twice before a creepy man offers to help you, even when youíre desperate for help.



THE BOTTOM LINE: Terrifying and chilling! Ranks up with the scariest films of all time! A big treat for true horror fans!

RECOMMENDED WAY TO WATCH: Movie Theater (1st Run)

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